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Here’s where you can check out our career opportunities. Whether you’d like to end up in sales, purchasing, HR, logistics… We could have just the job for you! Keen to come on board a human-oriented company where respect, sustainability and a warm atmosphere are key? Join the family!

Why Overseas

Because we combine international ambitions with a friendly face, in everything we do. At Overseas, we are all about:

Quality meets excellence

We started out as (and still are) a family business. Now, we’re delighted to say that we’re one of the leading distribution players out there. Did you know we’re even one of the Top 800 biggest companies in Belgium? We proudly set industry standards through unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, and we really hope you’ll carry out those principles too, as a true Overseas ambassador!


Motivation meets success 

Here at Overseas, everyone knows your name and wants to see you thrive. We like to fuse some warmth with professionalism to cultivate an engaging atmosphere. That way, you feel supported to take initiatives, which often results in success. That success is then celebrated and… The circle is complete. It’s vital that you feel as important as you are both to us, and to our community.


Career meets growth

Obviously, you want to grow. From the beginning, and all through your career. We support this by applauding your own initiatives and by offering you training, hands-on experiences from some of the biggest and brightest in the field, and many more opportunities. If you want, your career can move in different directions along the way. As long as we’re in it for the long run together!


Dedication meets rewards

Exceeding the usual norms, we value our people not just with words but with nice bonuses as well as an inspiring workplace. In our opinion, motivation deserves rewards. Count on mobility options, teambuilding events at which we have fun together, international experiences, a generous number of holidays, and more.


Meet our departments

Our international team stretches over 10 departments, so there’s surely an opportunity
waiting for you. Learn some more about the different teams:

Purchase Department

HR Department

Business Support Department

Customer Order Management Department

Financial Department

Supplier Order Management

Logistics Department

Excise Department

Sales Department

IT Department

Fact & Figures

50 Countries

450+ Customers

250M Revenue

50 Years of experience

The way we value you 

Company values matter. It’s how we show ourselves, and it’s a way for you, potential colleague, to check whether you’d feel comfortable working with us. That is why we think our values deserve some more explanation. Take your time to read through them. We’d love to hear your opinions on them in your first introductory meeting with us!

Mutual respect

Basically, treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. Showing each other kindness and consideration can go a long way. At Overseas, we want to cultivate an environment in which every person feels respected and valued.

Sustainable relationships

You’re not a number at Overseas but a true and integral part of the family. We work really hard, which is why we deem it important to nurture true connections that last and that are built on trust and loyalty to one another. Everyone here should feel like they belong.

Innovative progress

It’s essential that we don’t become content with the status quo. We’re dedicated to always finding new ways to improve and grow. That’s how we make progress every day, and ultimately excel throughout our entire organization.

Open communication

Honesty and transparency are the driving forces for a safe and inspiring workplace. You can count on it from us, and we hope it goes the other way around as well. We encourage accountability across all levels at Overseas. It’s our sincere goal to provide an environment in which you feel stimulated to speak your mind and share your opinions.

A Friendly workplace

We can only flourish when we go for team wins. That’s why we celebrate positivity and inclusivity. You should feel empowered to get to work with us every day, and to develop both personally and professionally. Together, we can make sure that Overseas is a place that feels like a home away from home.

Short communication lines but global impact, that’s us.


Let’s go Overseas!

Ready to accelerate your career and become part of a truly close-knit team? Explore our current vacancies, and we hope to welcome you soon.

Let’s go Overseas!
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Let’s go Overseas!