Markets & channels

Connecting the world

We excel at connecting different brands and retail chains in the duty-free travel retail industry. Our advanced and innovative operations ensure efficient and reliable service.

Expand your reach with Overseas

In a continuously changing market environment, our experienced team offers innovative solutions (commercial, financial …) to deal with the complexity of travel retail distribution.

B2B Platform

Through Bluebird, our B2B Platform, we provide seamless access to duty-free travel retail consumer goods around the globe.

Long-standing Expertise

Our innovative business expertise and advanced logistics enable us to effectively link brands, partners, wholesalers, retailers and consumers worldwide.

Personalized Service

We provide personalized service throughout our own fleet and collaborate with various partners to offer customized solutions.

Extensive Network

Our ever-expanding network allows us to optimize the value chain for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Connect with our global network

We supply in more than 50 countries around the world, tracking key international accounts and newly opened distributions hubs.


We distribute across continents. Jump on board and take your ambitions Overseas.
Let’s go Overseas!
Let’s go Overseas!

Let’s go Overseas!